Day 35 – 26.12.14 London to Paris



After almost 5 weeks travelling it was time for me to start my journey back to Melbourne. So after a overindulging Christmas Day/Evening we had the place to clean up and sort out as heading off to Paris this afternoon and my sister would be gone for a couple of days and didn’t want to freak out the housemates if they turned up to a messy house.

I ended up needing 2 suitcases to get all the stuff home and after a serious sort through of pamphlets and other paraphernalia I achieved Grand Master status in Suitcase Tetris and we were off to St Pancras to catch the Eurostar to Paris.

Grand Master of Suitcase Tetris for the win!

First Ticket of many for the journey home.
First Ticket of many for the journey home.


Lon to Par FB
And off we go! For just on 24hours in Paris for me until I fly out towards home.

We were travelling in the late afternoon and it was dark by the time we left London.




After a delayed departure from St Pancras, we arrived in Paris at Gare du Nord Station which is a major terminal for trains within Paris.

I didn't get to see this station in the daylight but it looks stunning here.
I didn’t get to see this station in the daylight but it looks stunning here.

After purchasing tickets for the Metro we headed off towards St-Denis station which was within walking distance of our apartment. The Metro is similar to the Underground of London in having colour coded lines where the inside rails of the carriages match the map of each line.

IMAG2979_1 IMAG1821



Surfacing out of the Metro system I quickly snapped a photo of the iconic Metro signs which are stunning and I regret not being able to get a clearer picture.


We had to move quickly as the Apartment we had booked for the night was a private one we found on Airbnb. It was lovely to have a place of our own and the owner Justine very kindly met us at the apartment when we arrived. The only downside to this place that is was a loft apartment at the top of 7 flights of stairs! Other than that it was perfect.

Paris Appt
Our amazing Parisen Accommodation


After we had said farewell to our host, dinner was next on the agenda. We headed out into the streets in the rain and discovered we were amongst a great little area full of Grocers, Butchers and other providores and if time was more abundant I could wander through the area for hours exploring all the gastronomic delights.

Stunning Arch way in Saint Denis circa 1673

Arch Paris FB

We found this little eatery and it turned out to be Italian and as time was of the essence and we were hungry and tired it suited us perfectly. After dinner we headed back out into the rain and headed home as it had been a long day and wanted to make the most of my one day in Paris tomorrow and need to get up early enough to fit all the sights in.


Veal Scallopine – Paris Style

I can’t wait!

bonne nuit ( Goodnight)

The last supper with my Sister who has been an amazing tour guide for my European Adventure.